During 1998, BluSEO hosting came along as a free web hosting service to the public. Once they began offering quality hosting, they started charging for their services. Bluseo currently has 3 datacenters scattered across western America and there are over 100 individuals working there.

As for their customer, it stands at 160,000 customers globally. Bluseo has satisfied customers from all over, having some of the most high quality services. With the current packages they offer for hosting, you are able to reap the full benefits of their service.

Bluseo offers a plethora of web hosting solutions that should fit most people. The downside, they offer so much on their main page, many new customers may get turned off and become confused. Overall, Bluseo hosting offers a great service but may need a site redesign to refocus on what is important, simple and easy-to-use web hosting.

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You are met with many different hosting options and features. However, one issue they have had is on their hands. If you are new to hosting, it may be difficult for you to locate products and certain items through their Cpanel, mainly because they offer so much,

However, things have changed lately on their website. They now have affordable packages with a starter package which offers web hosting for only $3.95/mo. In order to get this, you need to prepay the service for 12 months. This hosting is limited and if you need more space, you can always upgrade.

Most web hosting offer prepaid hosting for a 12 month period at $8.95 monthly. This will cost you a lot more in the long run and Bluseo is much more affordable if you are looking for a simple hosting company for your website.

Bluseo hosting has an advanced control panel, often referred to as LPCP, aka Bluseo Control Panel. They have switched to this new panel compared to their old Panel since it saves them much more money. The new customers are currently using this panel while they have kept the old panel for customers who have been there for longer. This way no one get’s confused. However, one issue remains with this. The customers who want to use the new panel must pay an extra fee to use the new control interface.